About us

Why did we decide to blog?

We blog because we love cattle and education.

We blog because we want to share with the outside world what it truly means to care for animals while showing how feedyards and family farms run.

At Cattle Empire, the care and well-being of our animals is our number one priority. We do everything within our power to provide them with a comfortable atmosphere so they can grow to their potential and become the nutritious protein you serve to your family and we serve to ours.

We want to become an active part of the conversation surrounding animal agriculture so that we can build and maintain a relationship with you, our fellow beef-eaters, learning the concerns, wants and desires involving your food. A relationship will create the space to hopefully answer some questions from you and give us the opportunity to ask some as well.

We take sustainability and animal welfare very seriously. In order for our business to continue for more of our family’s generations, we have to put these things first. If we don’t care for our animals properly or maintain our land so they will keep producing we won’t be around much longer.