Wes Davis, Operations Manager - Calf Ranch Division

Wes Davis

Wes Davis joined Cattle Empire Management with more than a decade of experience in the livestock and commodity markets, management, business practices, government regulation and accounting.  He currently serves as the operations manager of the Dairy Division at Cattle Empire Management’s 50,000 head calf feed yard in Sublette, KS. 

In this position, Davis oversees all operations of the feedlot including the nutrition and health of livestock, implementing compliance and safety protocols, purchasing, managing 120 employees and various administrative responsibilities.

Prior to joining Cattle Empire Management, Davis served as general manager of a 50,000-head native cattle feedlot for JBS Interstate Feeders in Idaho, as general manager for a 120,000-head Holstein feedlot for JBS McElhaney Feedlot in Arizona, and as director of operations for a 15,000-head calf ranch for Smithfield Beef in Wisconsin.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with a minor is Spanish teaching from Weber State University.  When not working, Davis enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing and riding horses.