Yard #3

Michael Penrod

Yard #3 is the newest Cattle Empire yard with a one-time capacity of 51,500 head in two locations which are referred to as Yard #3 and Yard #3 North. Yard #3 was first purchased by Roy & Laura Brown in 1995 with a one-time capacity of 10,000 head which was later expanded to 32,000 head in 1997 and 34,000 head in 2006. A new fully automated batch mill was put into service in June of 2007. Yard #3 primarily houses traditional beef cattle.

Contact: 620-649-2610

Yard #3 North was purchased in 2011 to allow for expansion of the Cattle Empire Holstein program and to fully utilize Yard #3 assets. The Yard Foreman for Yard #3 and Yard #3 North is Michael Penrod, who was promoted to yard foreman in 2013 but started with Cattle Empire in 2005.

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