3 Reasons to use Social Media in Agriculture

May 14, 2014

Social Media in Agriculture has been an ever evolving phenomenon; there are numerous blogs (Agriculture Proud, Make Mine Beef), Twitter parties (#AgChat, #FoodChat), Facebook groups ( Women in Agriculture, The Peterson Farm Brothers) and so on with their sole purpose dedicated to showing those not involved directly with our line of business, the behind the scenes look on what truly happens in agriculture. 

Have you ever heard of a #Felfie? It’s a selfy taken in some form or fashion during a farming activity to show the true faces behind our industry. This is mostly used on Instagram but also gets the job done on any other type of social media. Take a look at this post written by Crystal Blin all about the subject.

1.       Diminish the Stereotype: With so many voices and opinions taking over the mass media waves on what they believe is right and fare for animal and crop agriculture, it is more important than ever that the true story be presented on a consistent basis. There are bad people on both sides of the line, don’t let the mistakes of a few (think Holstein videos) effect and stereotype the rest of us.

2.       Education is everything to those who wish to learn: Most people want to learn what your family does so that they can be informed when making decisions for their own family. But,when you open yourself up to the world, there is an inevitable chance that you may be targeted by anti-ag groups. Don’t let hate breed hate, this is all the more reason to show your farm or ranch and how you put your family, animals, crops and the earth as first priority.  

3.       Connect with your peers: It has never been more convenient for a beef producer in Kansas to connect with one in Idaho to discuss the differences in feed products, prices, land management and so on to get fresh ideas for their own operation or just out of sheer curiosity. Social Media provides a platform for country and worldwide comradery among our peers.

In today’s fast paced world it only takes a few minutes for something to go viral on the internet. Do you want to it to be detriment of all of our family’s passion? Or are you going to stand up and show the world who you really are? As Jenny Dewey Rohrich states in here latest post, “The power in agriculture isn’t in the numbers, the machinery, the acres, or the crops… it’s in the people.”

Please check out this social media manual developed by Animal Agriculture Alliance to help you understand the aspects of different outlets and how to use them for agriculture!


We challenge you to start today.


We all agree to the fact that social media is widely used nowadays. Aside that it helps us in terms of communication, it will also helps us in regard to data and relevant informations about something. the application of social media to agriculture is also a great factor to boost its improvement and success as it gives us new learning in terms of agriculture and will connect us to other people who are also doing the same with our work. Aside to that, the ways of gathering information is made easy. Great article!
Thank you for your insight Fervil!

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