World Dairy Expo 2014

By Alycia McClure on October 16, 2014

The World Dairy Expo is the largest gathering for new dairy technology and dairy show cattle all year long and it's hosted in America's Dairyland, Wisconsin. It is a grand spectacle, with over 2,000 head of cattle getting dressed up for their shows, 850 commercial vendors giving you the opportunity to talk one on one with industry experts and over 15,000 visitors on opening day 9/30/14, which set a 10-year record for the event. No other dairy event compares!

There are virtual farm tours, a world-forage Super bowl competition, and the most exquisite animals on display in the coliseum, Champion Dairy Products Contest, Youth Fitting/Showmanship Contest and 4-H/Post-Secondary or Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contests as well as the FFA Dairy Judging events. And you absolutely have to stop by the Purple Cow Gift Shop for the cutest WDE momentous available. There are plenty of activities at World Dairy Expo for producers and spectators alike.

Oh, and don't forget about all of the cheese related foods being touted throughout each building and outside.

However, one of the most entertaining parts of this trip was the amount of plastic cows used for decorations and demonstration. For your viewing pleasure we present to you the cows of World Dairy Expo 2014.

We also spotted our fellow comrades! Keep up the good work Wisconsin Beef Producers!!


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