Is Beef Safe?

By Alycia McClure on July 24, 2015


Have you ever had that lingering question in the back of your mind, wondering is this hamburger I am feeding my kids actually good for them? Are there hormones in this? Are we wrecking the planet by supporting the beef industry? Instead of wondering any longer, let’s explore these thoughts further.

Is beef good for my family?

-          With so many news articles and blog posts and what have you, it is easy to get lost in the noise of what is actually good for you and what isn’t. Not only is beef delicious it is extremely high in good nutrients for you, some 3oz portions are even leaner than a boneless skinless chicken thigh. All lean beef cuts contain less than 10 grams of total fat, 4.5 grams or less of saturated fat and less than 95 milligrams of cholesterol per 3.5 oz serving. This same size serving also provides HALF of your daily needs of protein, ringing in around 25 grams depending on the cut. Also, research shows that including lean beef even daily is part of a heart-healthy diet. Here is the BOLD diet fact sheetfor more info.

Beef is an excellent choice for your family nutritionally and financially, you get way more “bang for your buck” so to speak.

Why are there hormones in beef?

-          To put it simply – yes there are hormones in most beef in your grocery store. But let’s explore this for a minute, one 8oz steak from an animal that has not received any hormones contains 3.5 ng of estrogen. The same size steak but from an animal that has received them contains 5.1 ng of estrogen. ONE birth control pill that contains = 35,000 ng of estrogen. So considering these facts how is it that hormones in beef, even the ones that are naturally accuring are undesirable but ones used as a lifestyle are perfectly fine?

Did you know that when hormones are used to help produce beef we save 4.2 tons of feed, 1 acre of land and 22,000 gallons of water per animal?

One in seven children do not have food. Technology use has positive sustainability impacts, extra beef produced from the use of hormones in one animal will provide seven children with school lunches for an entire year.

Hormones are used in beef so that we are able to produce more food with less use of resources.

*Facts and figures obtained from resources provided by Jude Caper, link at the bottom of the post.

Are we damaging our planet by eating beef?

-          Actually by supporting cattleman and purchasing their beef we are doing the exact opposite. Cattle are the original greenies and cattleman are the care takers of our grassland ecosystems. We wrote an entire post on this subject here, please check it out. Not only are cattle actually quite beneficial to our environment they actually provide us with many, many things besides beef and leather. We call these beef bi-products, a bi-product is something you get in the course of the main product. Some examples include, butter, canned meats, glue, film, and insulin. Please find more information about bi-products here.

Cattle are able to produce food where farmers can’t and use land that was previously unusable. Not only are they making the best use of our natural resources they are also stewards of the land by restoring and supplementing them.

So to answer the original question of is beef safe, I think it is a resounding yes. It is an excellent source of nutrition for you family, we are using the advancements to create more food using less resources and we can rest easy knowing cattle are the best care takers of our land.

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