Let's Stop The Food Waste

By Trista Brown on February 8, 2016

Did you know that 33% of the food produced worldwide is thrown away? This is food that is perfectly safe to eat, 300 Million TONS of it! Americans are the worst offenders wasting 40% of our food. Wasting 40% of edible food means that 25% of water, 31% of cropland, 30% of fertilizer use is for nothing. Saving these resources would mean the 6 million Americans still at a food deficit would be able to eat, our landfills would be less full and our wallets would be fuller.

My goal for February is to reduce the food waste at my house completely. The only things I will throw away are cores, peels, etc. Having never attempted anything like this, we will see how it goes! I would like to challenge you to reduce waste along with me. Here are a couple simple steps I am taking to get started:

·         First In, First Out (FIFO)

o   I will be using a first in, first out inventory method. The oldest products will be moved to the front of the fridge/pantry and used first.

·         Meal Planning

o   Planning week day meals in advance helps me reduce the nightly “what’s for dinner” stress. This month I will be focusing on using meal planning as a tool to only buy only what we can and will eat. No off list shopping or last minute grocery runs.

·         Not ordering restaurant food I won’t eat              

o   Living in SWKS I eat a lot of Mexican food. I do not eat rice or (rarely) beans. Those sides that come out on my plate that I do not eat are thrown away! There is no reason for me to order something I know I am not going to eat.

Please join me in this fight to reduce food waste. Here are some links if you would like to learn more:




I look forward to updating you on my progress and hearing about yours!



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