What Does Agvocacy Really Mean?

August 24, 2016

Being a part of the agriculture industry often people may refer to themselves as an agvocate but what does that mean?

Agvocacy: The word itself is a combination of advocacy and agriculture. It is the positive promotion of the agriculture industry.

Why be an agvocate?

It is our combined responsibility to put together efforts to combat public misconceptions that could negatively reflect or impact the agriculture industry and everyone in it. To be an agvocate, you are opening up your life to show someone that agriculture is a family affair; that is a positive and fun filled experience backed by hard work and dedication.

What does an agvocate do?

When taking part in agvocacy, you are telling your Ag story. Those outside of our industry want to know why your product is safe, how you treat your animals humanely, is your farm practicing reasonable sustainability, and the questions go on. Without agvocacy, it leaves the door open for extremist groups to pervert the truth of what the agriculture industry is and who the people that take part in it are. Educating the world is our primary motive. We want you to see AND understand what we do.

How does one become an agvocate?

To be an agvocate, you simply have to tell your story. On the internet, through social media, at social gatherings, maybe even at a meet the farmer event with your local grocery. The possibilities are limitless.  Taking part in this education mission will help to close the gap between consumers and producers, to unveil the "mystery" of how food gets from gate to plate.

Agvocacy is important to us because agriculture is our passion. Mistruths or misrepresentations of what we are doing are a direct attack on our standard of morals and ethics. By being a transparent information source, our goal is that those outside of agriculture will feel comfortable and have the opportunity to learn more about what we do and won't hesitate to ask questions.

"So know what do I do?" you ask, get out there. It's as simple as that. See what these fellow advocates have to say and come along side us, the work is plenty and the beef is tasty.

Advocates to follow:

Jenny Dewey Rohrich - A Prarie Californian

Leah Beyer - Beyer Beware

Aly McClure

 And there are so so so so so many more! Get out there and explore!

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I am writing a speech for FFA on AGvocacy. This really helped me out. Thanks! :)

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