Yard #1

Cattle Empire Yard #1 has a one-time capacity of 55,000 head and is the original Cattle Empire feed yard purchased by Paul Brown in 1978. At the time Paul purchased his interest in what is now Yard #1, it had a one-time capacity of 14,000 head. The facility was expanded in 2000 and 2004 to its current capacity complete with a new batch mill being built and put into service in November 2004. This facility specializes in lightweight and high-risk traditional beef cattle and is managed by Rey Longoria, a 20-year employee of the company who was internally promoted to Yard Foreman in 2010.

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Yard #2

Yard #2 is the largest Cattle Empire facility with a one-time occupancy of 84,000 head. It started out as a grower yard facility, which Paul Brown started leasing in 1988. It was purchased by Cattle Empire in 1990 and was expanded in 1991 thru 1996, 2001 thru 2005, 2007 and 2009. New fully automated batch mills were constructed at Yard #2 in July of 1996 and February 2001 to accommodate the pen expansions.

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Yard #3

Yard #3 is the newest Cattle Empire yard with a one-time capacity of 51,500 head in two locations which are referred to as Yard #3 and Yard #3 North. Yard #3 was first purchased by Roy & Laura Brown in 1995 with a one-time capacity of 10,000 head which was later expanded to 32, 000 head in 1997 and 34,000 head in 2006. A new fully automated batch mill was put into service in June of 2007. Yard #3 primarily houses traditional beef cattle.

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